Every post is in the form of a motion or proposal. Each motion can be voted for or against. It only takes one vote against a motion to then be verified by a peer and effectively block the motion, moving it to a section for revision until a new version is agreed upon, where it can then return to the voting stage. This process is called model of consensus voting, which ensures that all voices involved in a decision are heard and accounted for to the greatest extent possible.

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made a global motion. 1 year ago

Pineapple on pizza?

made a global motion. almost 2 years ago

Allow to submit motion by uploading docx, odt, pdf, html?

made a global motion. almost 2 years ago

We should build localized mesh networks in every community, via software like CJDNS.

made a global motion. almost 2 years ago

This is a proof of concept designed to promote the idea of building more and more open source model of consensus voting tools that are accessible to regular working class people.

made a global motion. over 2 years ago

The goal of this site is to function as a proof of concept for the viability of model of consensus voting, and it's ability to gauge consensus in groups around any given issue or decision.

made a global motion. over 3 years ago

The left should have it's own apps to make organizing easier and more efficient. With features like formal debate structure, geographical points for meet ups, group decision methods, conflict resolution, etc.

Forrest made a global motion. over 3 years ago

Let's form a local cooperative for hackers and software developers here in Smithfield, NC.